My Rehairs

It doesn't matter if you play violin, viola, cello or even bass - all rehairs in my shop are $60.00. There is no need to wait several days or a week to have your bow returned to you - I prefer to do my rehairs the same day. Whether you ship your bow to me or walk into the shop, I will be able to get your bow back to you when you want it. Same-day rehairs are good for the musician and the craftsman - you get your bow rehaired when you want it and the craftsman can move on to the next job.

Of course speed doesn't mean a thing if you don't get a good rehair. I provide rehairs for some of the area's finest musicians, including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera Orchestra, as well as many other professionals and students. These musicians need their bows and instruments to function properly at the highest levels of performance - they have no time to deal with bad work. Why should you?

This business works through word-of-mouth. Advertisements are meaningless next to a good referral. Every time I do a rehair, I'm putting myself and my work out there for judgment. This is why I say that a good rehair is the real basis for my entire business - from making new bows to restoration to the sales of classic bows - I depend on good word-of-mouth and trust.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Services Offered

  • Rehairs
  • Thumbrips and Wraps
  • Headplates
  • Straightening
  • Camber Work
  • Fix Twist
  • New Pearl Eyes
  • New Pearl Slides
  • Frog Repair
  • Silver Repair (Buttons and Ferrules)
  • Underslides
  • Eyelets and Screws
  • Bushings
  • Chevals
  • Fill Handle and Thumb Wear
  • Splines
  • Tongue Repair
  • Seams Glued
  • Soundpost Adjustments
  • Bridges
  • Fingerboard Dressing
  • Pegs
  • New Soundpost
  • Tailgut
  • Tailpiece
  • Clean & Polish

Accessories and Supplies

  • Paul Stevens Cello Rosin
  • Paul Stevens Violin Rosin
  • Andrea Solo Cello Rosin
  • Andrea Solo Violin Rosin
  • Everest Shoulder Rests

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