Eric Swanson


Eric was born and bred in the City of Chicago. He lives up on the north side in an ivy covered 1920's two flat. In his front yard you will find a garden of native Midwestern wild flowers and grasses, while in back you will find a 25 year old grape vine, an apple and cherry tree, and a patio of old Chicago paving stones.

Eric has always loved music of every type - in college he had both a world and classical music radio show. He played guitar in many rock bands both at school and in the city. He can play a number of instruments, just not very well! In his basement he had a workshop where he would make furniture, guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals. He and his brother would record strange music in their basement studio as well as brew 15 gallon batches of beer.

In his 20's he lived in Spain and Egypt where he taught English. Returning to Chicago, he continued to teach at city and community colleges before dropping everything to go to the Chicago School of Violin Making. He then worked at smaller shops, moving up to more established businesses, and by his 30's was contracting violin and bow work from some of Chicago's finest dealers. He continued to learn and hone his skills by spending time working with Yung Chin in New York and attending the Oberlin workshop whenever he could afford it. He owes a debt of gratitude to the generosity and knowledge of more experienced craftsmen like Michael Darnton and Jerry Pasewicz who helped him along the way.

In 2001, Eric established his own shop concentrating on bow rehairs and repair. Through the years and a few moves, he worked as hard as he could and has developed a dedicated clientele. He truly believes in the art of small business and is profoundly proud of his new shop in the Fines Arts Building in Suite 404. Here he continues to do same day rehairs, but has also expanded to include the sales of selected string instruments and bows.

Eric would like to sincerely thank all of his customers, past and present, for without these hardworking, amazing families, professionals and students, he would never have arrived where he finds himself today.

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